Buzz Aldrin – The Photographer

Buzz Aldrin – No Dream is Too High

Recently, at the Forum in Bath, I had the pleasure of listening to Buzz Aldrin talk about his life. The event also coincided with his recent book launch, No Dream Is Too High. At 86 Buzz Aldrin still has the energy of someone half his age. He explains to the interviewer for the evening, that in the last year he had hopped a ride on a small whale (sadly I cannot remember which one) whilst deep sea diving. Is this a bit extreme for his age? Well no, not for a man who has been to the moon.

It is very surreal thinking that this man, Buzz, was the second man to stand on the moon. The experience and the vast distance that Buzz traveled are incomprehensible to me. Hearing this first hand detailed account is fascinating and I feel a sense of optimism, anything is possible.

Buzz Aldrin is a photographer? Well not in his eyes as he jokes he has only taken three photos, it just happens that they are all iconic. Buzz continues to explain how he took a photograph whilst floating outside the Apollo 11 spacecraft, is this the first selfie? Another famous photograph Buzz took was of his own footprint on the moon in an area named the Sea of Tranquility. Tranquil seems apt as despite all the excitement Buzz seems to take everything in his stride.

“Spread your wings try a bit of everything – try everything and if it does not work do not give up” Buzz Aldrin

buzz aldrin no dream to high

buzz aldrin no dream to high


buzz aldrin no dream to high

Aldrin’s lunar footprint taken by himself on July 21, 1969