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Mick O Magic camera

Stephen Shore: New Colour Photography

Stephen Shore: New Colour Photography – Documentary Film.

Stephen Shore was one of the lead photographers that embraced colour photography in 1970’s America.

Long Shot Close Up

Andreas Gursky – Imposing Images

Andreas Gursky’s large imposing images are either packed edge to edge with detail or minimised and deprived of anything distracting. The former Dusseldorf School student has a unique way of documenting a place.

The foundations of Cinema

Sallie Gardner at a Gallop (Muybridge, E. 1878)

Eadweard Muybridge created a series of the photographic moving image, that arguably are the foundations of the cinematic image.

Photo London

Photo London 2017 – Somerset House – Thursday 18 May to Sunday 21 May

I visited Photo London for the first time this week. The festival is in its third year, with work-displayed museums, auction houses and galleries.

Garry Winogrand

American photographer Garry Winogrand – 14 January 1928 – 19 March 1984

After a visit to New York in 2010, I found I had a greater understanding of Garry Winogrand ‘s approach to photography.

Strange and Familiar

Strange and Familiar: Britain as Revealed by International Photographers
Curated by Martin Parr

Barbican Art Gallery, Barbican Centre, UK: 16 March – 19 June 2016

Saul Leiter Exhibition

Saul Leiter Exhibition At The Photographers Gallery – 22 Jan – 3 Apr 2016

Thanks to The Photographers Gallery, I had the chance to see Saul Leiters (1923-2013) work, up close and personal.

Victoria Hillman Zoologist And Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife and Nature Photography

I caught up with Victoria Hillman a scientist by training with a BSc in zoology and a self-taught photographer. We discussed Victoria’s current project “Forgotten Little Creatures” and I ask how she approached wildlife photography.

Leica M From The Photographers View

Celebrating 60 Years of Leica M

Hear how using Leica cameras have inspired some of the best modern day photographers. . Each photographers has picked one of their favourite photograph and shares the story of how it was captured. These short videos are very inspiring and give you an insight in why everyone aspires to a Leica M Camera.

Nick Dimbleby

Interview with Nick Dimbleby

This month I had chance to catch up with UK based photographer Nick Dimbleby who has extensive portfolio of automotive images. Nick has worked for Jaguar, Aston Martin and Land Rover to name a few. I thought I would find out how Nick became a commercial photographer.

Rene Burri 1933-2014

Rene Burri A Photographic Master

Swiss photographer René Burri knew when to capture a precise moment. Burri captured some of the most striking and dramatic black and white images ever taken. As a photojournalist Burri traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East. In 1963 his travels took him to Cuba, where he had the opportunity to meet and photograph the revolutionary Che Guevara.

Dennis Hopper – The Lost Album

Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album – The Royal Academy Of Arts

Dennis Hopper, the actor who stared in classic films such as Apocalypse Now, Blue Velvet, and the iconic Easy Rider, was also an accomplished photographer. Hopper said that his photographs never made him a cent, however they kept him alive.

Henri Cartier-Bresson: MOMA

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century

I was fortunate enough to visit The Museum of Modern Art in 2010 and see the vast body of Henri Cartier-Bresson work on the sixth floor. The exhibition covered Cartier-Bressons whole career and included with many iconic images that I had seen before.

One Years Of Leica Photography

100 years of Leica photography, 100 years of captivating emotive images and 100 years of great photographers.

I have been inspired by so many photographers who have used Leica cameras, including  Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Robert Frank, Robert Capa and Tony Ray-Jones to just a few. For me a lot of these photographers have set the bench mark I aspire to.

The Specials – Brian Griffin

At the Format Festival this year I had the pleasure of meeting photographer Brian Griffin. We discussed his colourful career, which includes photographing many well-known characters ranging from Margaret Thatcher to Chewbacca from Star Wars.