David Hockney

David Hockney – Tate Britain – 9 February – 29 May 2017

From the day I first saw the carefully crafted Polaroid portraits that David Hockney had created, I was inspired. Arguably, Hockney is one of the most famous and influential artists of the last100 years; this is underlined by the comprehensive Tate Britain exhibition. This felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity to see such an amazing collection of work by a true master of his craft.

As a photographer I have also learnt a lot from the way Hockneys positions his subjects, his artists approach often derails the standard photographic portrait rules and theories. I like this, no more than that, I find it essential in developing my own thoughts.

HOCKNEY, the exhibition takes you on an incredible journey winding through six decades of work up to the present day. One of the most paramount observations of the exhibition is Hockney ability to embrace old techniques and incorporate new technology. He maybe nearly eighty, however he uses an iPad as if he is a Millennial.

The four Seasons piece was one of my personal highlights of the exhibition. Standing in the middle of a small room surrounded by the four walls each depicting a different season of the year, one word – Magical.